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Accreditation Program Development

Taxonomy Code: TP-1850.1600-050

Programs that provide support for the development and implementation of an accreditation program in a particular field which measures the extent to which applicant organizations are in compliance with standards of acceptable operation/performance. Key components generally include a mission and vision statement for the program; standards or reference points that define expected practices within the field that are clear, easy to understand and adequately reviewed by the organizations to which they pertain; eligibility criteria for the program; an application process which may include the application itself, letters of reference, surveys of key stakeholders and/or documentation to substantiate compliance with standards; associated fees; a self-assessment tool that helps organizations determine their readiness for accreditation; a protocol for site visits; training for site visit volunteers; accreditation decision notification procedures; a mechanism for appeals; disciplinary procedures for organizations that are out of compliance; and an accreditation renewal process.

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