Rent Assistance

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You can also text HOME to 211-211 to search for help with the rent

Step 1

Contact your landlord. Let your landlord know you are looking for help. Ask if you may be eligible for payment plans or an extension while you look for resources that may be able to help with the bill. Be sure to ask for any agreements with your landlord in writing and keep a record of all your communications.

Step 2

Find help with rent – even if you are not being evicted. Pay what you can now and look for additional help to get caught up with your bills. Use the search bar below to find a customized list of agencies that may be able to help with rent in your area. Be sure to read all the agency details to find where to go, what to bring, and how to apply even if you can’t get in touch with the agency right away. Click here if you need to replace lost or stolen documents, such as birth certificates and social security cards.

Eviction prevention services may be available in your area. If you are facing eviction, it is best to seek legal services right away. This will give you time apply, arrange an appointment, and gather any documents you may need. Search to find legal service providers in your area.

Step 3

Make a plan. You might need to find a new place to live. Search to find shelters if you have no other place to stay. Begin thinking of moving expenses and finding places to keep any items you may need to store until you find a place of your own.

Make transportation plans to ensure you and your family will still be able to get to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and other places if need to move. Make sure you have all your critical documents (social security card, birth certificates, etc.). You may need these as you look for help getting into a new place.

Step 4

Find stable housing. Visit SC Housing Search to find affordable places to stay in your area. Search to find job training programs, low-income housing, child care resources, financial management classes, and other programs that may be able to offer support and assistance.