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Mental Health Support and Substance Use

Mental Health Evaluation and Care

Addiction and Substance Use Services


Mental Health Crisis Hotlines

External Search: The links below will allow you to search for private mental health care providers by insurance, language, and other factors. The information on these sites is not part fo the 211 database and 211 does not manage or endorse the information or practicioners.

Search for Private Therapy Practices
(This link will connect you to a Psychology Today therapist search service)

Search for Private Psychiatry Practices
(This link will connect you to a Psychology Today psychiatrist search service)

Naloxone Treatment and Syringe Exchange
(This link will connect you to Chanllenges Inc, a service that provides free syringe exchange and Naloxone at various locations)

Overdose & Disease Prevention Services
(This link will connect you to Charleston Wellness Initiative, a nonprofit organization that exists to prevent overdose and disease)

Fyrebird Recovery
(Fyrebird Recovery is a harm reduction organization providing services to high-risk communities affected by substance use and/ or mental health in the Horry county area)