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Carolina Teen Center

This agency provides: *life skills education *mentoring program *youth enrichment program - after school program for ages 12-17 *field trips *gang resistance classes *free transportation from DD2 schools *community projects *outdoor and fitness activities *summer camp programs *financial management support - financial education, benefit screening *juvenile deliquency program **South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) approved teen after school site**

Services: Benefits Screening, Financial Management Support, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Life Skills Education, Mentoring Programs, Youth Enrichment Programs

933 West 1st North Street

Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 364-1363

Disabilities and Special Needs Board - Dorchester

This agency provides: *Services and programs for persons with intellectual disabilities, autism, and head and spinal cord injuries in Dorchester County *Early intervention for children with disabilities/delays *Special needs job development *Mentoring programs *Respite care *Health/disability counseling *Support for caregivers *Volunteer opportunities *Specialized healthcare referrals

Services: Adult Residential Treatment Facilities, Caregiver/Care Receiver Support Groups, Case/Care Management Referrals, Disease/Disability Information, Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays, Health Care Referrals, Protection and Advocacy for Individuals With Disabilities, Special Needs Job Development

2717 W 5th North ST

(Highway 78)

Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 871-1285

Doors to Freedom

Agency provides: *A residential home for female survivors of sex trafficking ages 12-18 years old *Education, life skills training, counseling, and personal growth classes to the girls in the program **Referrals only, DSS, DJJ, Law enforcement**

Services: Case/Care Management, Donor Services, Group Homes for Dependent Children, Human Trafficking Prevention, Volunteer Opportunities

1317-M N Main Street


Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 879-3924

Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

Agency provides: *outpatient substance abuse counseling *substances abuse services - intervention and prevention programs *general outpatient counseling services (with Dorchester Counseling Services) *DUI offender programs (ADSAP) *court related programs

Services: Addictions/Substance Use Disorder Support Groups, DUI Offender Programs, Mental Health Evaluation, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services

320 Midland Parkway

Suite C

Summerville, SC 29485

(843) 871-4790

Dorchester Children's Advocacy Center

This agency is a Children's Advocacy Center that provides: *Therapy services -trauma-focused mental health services *Crime victim support *Case coordination - MDT *Family Advocacy *Forensic interviews for victims of child abuse or neglect *Forensic medical exams for victims of child abuse or neglect *Information and Referrals

Services: Abuse Counseling, Abuse/Violence Related Support Groups, Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Case/Care Management, Child Advocacy Centers, Crime Victim Support

303 E. Richardson Ave.

Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 875-1551

Healing Hurts

This agency provides: *Victim's advocacy for domestic violence & sexual assault victims *Transitional living program for pregnant single women *Father's support group *Diapers *Family violence prevention, and *Financial management support - financial education classes to empower single parent homes and encourage home ownership *Parenting Classes

Services: Advocacy, Diapers, Family Violence Prevention, Financial Management Support, Parenting Education, Parenting/Family Support Groups, Specialized Information and Referral

105 School Street

Ridgeville, SC 29472

(843) 879-2255

Lowcountry Community Services

Agency provides: *emergency home repairs and non-emergency renovations (home rehabilitation)

Services: Accessible Home Construction, Home Rehabilitation Programs, In Home Assistance

1587 Old Gilliard Rd.

Ridgeville, SC 29472

(843) 688-6157

SC Works Center - Dorchester County

Agency provides: *employment preparation *job finding assistance *state unemployment insurance *training and employment programs (WIOA program)

Services: Job Finding Assistance, Special Needs Job Development, State Unemployment Insurance, Training and Employment Programs

1325-A Boonehill RD

Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 821-0695


Agency provides: *Alzheimer's Family Support Services *Respite Care *Caregiver Training *Caregiver Support Groups *Early Memory Loss Program

Services: Caregiver/Care Receiver Support Groups, Caregiver Training, Dementia Management, Respite Care

502 West 5th North Street

Summerville, SC 29483

(843) 471-1360

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