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Agency provides: *specialized information and referral about disabilities, applying for disability and disability benefits *disease and disability information *assistive technology equipment provision option - lending closet - walkers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids; accepts donations of DME (durable medical equipment) and supplies (no power wheelchairs) *life skills education - non-residential independent living training and information & referral for anyone with any kind of disability, workshops for soft and hard employment skills *health and disability counseling services - peer support (one-on-one, primarily) *visual and reading aids *medical equipment/supplies *donor services - medical equipment donation program *volunteer opportunities

Services: Assistive Technology Equipment Provision Options, Disease/Disability Information, Donor Services, Health/Disability Related Counseling, Life Skills Education, Medical Equipment/Supplies, Specialized Information and Referral, Visual/Reading Aids, Volunteer Opportunities

7944 Dorchester Road

Suite 5

North Charleston, SC 29418

(843) 225-5080

American Cancer Society - Charleston Office

This agency provides: *medical appointments transportation *disease/disability information *patient/family housing *in person health/disability related support groups *medical information lines *appearance enhancement consultation program

Services: Appearance Enhancement Consultation Programs, Disease/Disability Information, Donor Services, In Person Support Groups, Medical Information Services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Patient/Family Housing

5900 Core RD

STE 504

Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 744-1922

American Lung Association - Coastal Region

Agency provides: *smoking cessation classes- Freedom From Smoking Clinics *support groups - lung disease support groups *medical information line - asthma education and information on other lung diseases *disease and disability information *specialized information and referral for programs on lung diseases *Families Kickin’ Asthma: one day camp for asthmatic children and parents

Services: Disease/Disability Information, In Person Support Groups, Medical Information Services, Smoking/Vaping Cessation, Specialized Information and Referral

44-A Markfield DR

Charleston, SC 29407

(843) 556-8451

COBRA Sickle Cell Anemia Program

Agency provides: *disease/disability information - regarding Sickle Cell disorders *specialized information and referral - focused on Sickle Cell Anemia info/providers *medical expense assistance - for qualifying expenses related to Sickle Cell care *case management services - patient empowerment program *sickle cell screening *volunteer opportunities

Services: Case/Care Management, Disease/Disability Information, Medical Care Expense Assistance, Sickle Cell Screening, Specialized Information and Referral, Volunteer Opportunities

3962 Rivers Ave

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 225-4866

Disabilities Board of Charleston

Agency provides: *protection and advocacy for individuals with disabilities *special needs job placement for people with disabilities *training and employment programs for people with disabilities *residential treatment center for older adults and adults with disabilities *respite care depending on waiver, medical supplies *incontinence supplies depending on waiver *early intervention for children with intellectual disabilities/delays *case management for clients *child care facility for children with special needs - ages 6 weeks to 10 years

Services: Adult Day Programs, Case/Care Management, Child Care Providers, Disability Related Center Based Employment, Disease/Disability Information, Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays, Protection and Advocacy for Individuals With Disabilities, Training and Employment Programs

995 Morrison Drive

Suite 100

Charleston, SC 29413

(843) 805-5800

Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry

This agency provides: *caregiver/care receiver support groups *health/disability support groups *disability association *disease/disability information

Services: Disability Associations, Disease/Disability Information, In Person Support Groups

PO Box 2275

Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

(843) 654-1552

Family Resource Center for Disabilities & Special Needs

This agency provides: *Parenting education *One-on-one parent support in dealing with IEP'S and 504 plans (Family Resource Center) *Peer-Parent mentor program for Special Education Advocacy (Family resource Center) *Lending library with comprehensive catalog of resource materials related to variety of disabilities (Parent Training Resource Center) *Quarterly newsletters (Parent Training Resource Center) *Specialized information and referral *Disease and disability information

Services: Disease/Disability Information, Parenting Education, Special Education Advocacy, Specialized Information and Referral

1575 Savannah HWY


Charleston, SC 29407

(843) 266-1318

Fetter Health Care Network

Agency provides: *prescription expense assistance *prenatal care *community clinic *immunizations *dental care *family and community medicine *obstetrics/ gynecology *pediatrics (Services vary by site location, call site for specific service list.

Services: Community Clinics, Dental Care, Family and Community Medicine, Immunizations, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Prenatal Care, Prescription Expense Assistance

51 Nassau Street

Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 722-4112

Medical University of South Carolina

***COVID 19 Update*** For updates please see: https://muschealth.

Services: Disease/Disability Information, Emergency Room Care, General Acute Care Hospitals, Medical Information Services, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Prenatal Care, Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening, Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment, Specialized Information and Referral, Speech and Hearing, Women's Health Centers

171 Ashley Ave.

Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792-2300

Molina Healthcare of South Carolina, Inc.

Agency offers: *Medicaid *Medicare Additional services that may be offered to established clients include: *dental *hearing *insurance information *prescriptions *resources *transportation *vision

Services: Medicaid, Medicare

4105 Faber Pl DR

STE 120

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 789-0822

Viewing 1-10 of 23 results (listed by best match)