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Agency provides: *specialized information and referral about disabilities, applying for disability and disability benefits *disease and disability information *assistive technology equipment provision option - lending closet - walkers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids; accepts donations of DME (durable medical equipment) and supplies (no power wheelchairs) *life skills education - non-residential independent living training and information & referral for anyone with any kind of disability, workshops for soft and hard employment skills *health and disability counseling services - peer support (one-on-one, primarily) *visual and reading aids *medical equipment/supplies *donor services - medical equipment donation program *volunteer opportunities

Services: Assistive Technology Equipment Provision Options, Disease/Disability Information, Donor Services, Health/Disability Related Counseling, Life Skills Education, Medical Equipment/Supplies, Specialized Information and Referral, Visual/Reading Aids, Volunteer Opportunities

7944 Dorchester Road

Suite 5

North Charleston, SC 29418

(843) 225-5080

American Cancer Society - Charleston Office

This agency provides: *medical appointments transportation *disease/disability information *patient/family housing *in person health/disability related support groups *medical information lines *appearance enhancement consultation program

Services: Appearance Enhancement Consultation Programs, Disease/Disability Information, Donor Services, In Person Support Groups, Medical Information Services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Patient/Family Housing

5900 Core RD

STE 504

Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 744-1922

Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired South Carolina

Agency provides: *specialized information and referral for transportation, clinics, guide dog veterinarian costs, visual aids *eye care *life skills education for people who are visually impaired *vocational rehabilitation

Services: Eye Care, Health Care Referrals, Life Skills Education, Specialized Information and Referral, Visual/Reading Aids, Vocational Rehabilitation, Volunteer Opportunities

1 Carriage Lane

Bldg A

Charleston, SC 29407

(843) 723-6915

CARTA (Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority)

Agency provides: *local bus services *disability related transportation - Tel-A-Ride service

Services: Disability Related Transportation, Local Bus Services

3664 Leeds Avenue

Administrative Office

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 724-7420

City of Charleston

Agency provides: *courts *fire services *local officials offices *municipal police *parks/recreation areas *home rehabilitation *subsidized home acquisition *waste management information *ombudsman services

Services: Courts, Fire Services, Home Rehabilitation Programs, Local Officials Offices, Municipal Police, Parks/Recreation Areas, Subsidized Home Acquisition, Waste Management Information

80 Broad Street

Charleston, SC 29401

(843) 724-7311

East Cooper Faith Network

Agency provides: *home repairs *accessibility ramps Services available for qualified homeowners in zip codes 29464 and 29466

Services: Home Rehabilitation Programs, Ramp Construction Services

PO Box 1071

Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

(843) 972-7566


This agency provides: *Quality Housing: - Affordable housing opportunities for rental and homeownership - Home rehabilitation program - owner occupied and emergency repairs *Building Leaders: - Year-round after school youth education and leadership enrichment programs - Summer Freedom School for K-8 - Community organizing *Economic Development: - Youth Entrepreneurship Center - Small business incubation - Old Chicora renovation project

Services: Home Rehabilitation Programs, Low Income/Subsidized Private Rental Housing, Subsidized Home Acquisition, Volunteer Opportunities, Youth Enrichment Programs

2005 Reynolds Ave.

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 529-3014

Palmetto Community Action Partnership - General Emergency Assistance Program

***Please note this program requires a call-in appointment process.

Services: Medical Care Expense Assistance, Mortgage Payment Assistance, Prescription Expense Assistance, Rent Payment Assistance, Visual/Reading Aids

1069 King St.

Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 614-3275

Palmetto Community Action Partnership - Weatherization

Program provides home modifications to improve energy efficiency in residential homes including: *attic insulating *caulking *hot water heater insulation *weather stripping *window pane replacement as needed *home rehabilitation AS IT RELATES TO IMPROVING ENERGY EFFICIENCY **Please Note:Priority on homes with senior citizens, families with disabilities, children under 17 and households with high energy usage and energy burdens**

Services: Home Rehabilitation Programs, Weatherization Programs

2004 Herbert Street

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 720-5336

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center - Trident

Agency provides: *veteran affairs medical center *outpatient mental health and mental health evaluations *drug use disorder counseling - substance use disorder treatment *medical information line *medical appointments transportation *volunteer opportunities Must qualify for VA Medical Benefits to access services

Services: Medical Information Services, Mental Health Evaluation, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, Volunteer Opportunities

109 Bee Street

Charleston, SC 29401

(843) 577-5011

Viewing 1-10 of 13 results (listed by best match)