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Charleston City Police

Call 9-1-1 for emergencies 24/7 Agency provides: *adult protective services *animal control *community crime prevention *crime victim support - crime victim counseling *crisis intervention hotline/helpline: consolidated dispatch (non-emergency 911 hotline) *family violence prevention *municipal police *youth court & juvenile delinquency prevention

Services: Adult Protective Services, Animal Control, Community Crime Prevention Programs, Crime Victim Support, Crisis Intervention Hotlines/Helplines, Family Violence Prevention, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Municipal Police

180 Lockwood BLVD

Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 577-7434

Charleston Legal Access

Agency provides: *General legal aid *Eviction prevention legal assistance (see service for details) *Elder law *Domestic/Family Violence legal assistance *Immigration legal assistance *Consumer law *Referrals *For housing court, Charleston County residents with eviction notice from North Area 1, 2, 3 or West Ashley Magistrate Courts **You can qualify for a CLA lawyer if your household gross annual income is less than $51,040 (single person); $68,960 (two-person household); $86,880 (three-person); or $104,800 (four-person)** For housing court, residents with an eviction notice from North Area 1 Magistrate Court and North Area 3 Magistrate Court: Income requirement is 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines - See chart under eligibility Agency does NOT provide assistance with criminal law

Services: Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services, Elder Law, Eviction Prevention Legal Assistance, General Legal Aid, Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services, Labor and Employment Law, Lawyer Referral Services, Protection and Advocacy for Individuals With Disabilities, Unemployment Insurance Benefits Assistance

3775 Spruill Ave

Suite B

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 640-5980

Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy

The agency provides: *Crisis intervention - public safety chaplaincy *Volunteer opportunities *Donor services

Services: Donor Services, In Person Crisis Intervention, Volunteer Opportunities

2500 City Hall LN

Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 724-1212

Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center

Agency is a Children's Advocacy Center that provides: *forensic interviews for abused and neglected children *medical services for abused and neglected children *mental health assessments *parental assessments *multidisciplinary assessments *advocacy *therapy services

Services: Abuse Counseling, Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Advocacy, Child Advocacy Centers, Donor Services, Sexual Assault Counseling, Volunteer Opportunities

677 Long Point Rd

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

(843) 723-3600

LHC - My Sister's House - ES DV

Agency provides: *24 hour telephone crisis counseling *support groups for battered women offered at various locations *temporary safe shelter from domestic violence for victims and their children Additional services provided based on client's needs *Located in tri-county area but will help anyone they can

Services: Abuse Counseling, Abuse/Violence Related Support Groups, Crisis Intervention Hotlines/Helplines, Domestic Violence Intervention Programs, Domestic Violence Shelters, Donor Services


North Charleston, SC 29415

(843) 744-3242

LHC - Origin SC

Agency provides: *Bankruptcy Counseling - provides pre-filing and post-filing (debtor education) counseling.

Services: Anger Management, Conservatorship Assistance, Credit Counseling, Debt Management, Financial Literacy Training, Homeless Motel Vouchers, Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing, Home Purchase/Mortgage Refinance Loans, Housing Counseling, Housing Search and Information, Mortgage Payment Assistance, Personal Financial Counseling, Representative Payee Services, Reverse Mortgage Programs, Subsidized Home Acquisition, Veteran Benefits Assistance

8084 Rivers Avenue

Suite 100

North Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 628-3000

Mt. Pleasant Police Department

Agency provides: *municipal police *crime victim support

Services: Crime Victim Support, Municipal Police

100 Ann Edwards LN

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

(843) 884-4176

National Crime Victims Treatment Center - MUSC

Agency provides: *outpatient mental health facilities for trauma victims *crime victim support through specialized trauma mental health services *trauma-related counseling *various trauma-related support groups

Services: Abuse Counseling, Bereavement Support Groups, Crime Victim Support, Crime Victim/Witness Counseling, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Sexual Assault Counseling

67 President Street, MSC 861

2nd Floor of Institute of Psychiatry, South Building

Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792-8209

North Charleston Police Department

This agency provides: *municipal police services for North Charleston *animal control - both domestic animal and nuisance wildlife (call the consolidated dispatch number) *crime victim support

Services: Animal Control, Crime Victim Support, Municipal Police

2500 City Hall Lane

Crime Prevention Office (N. Charleston)

North Charleston, SC 29418

(843) 740-2800

Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health Services

Agency provides: *inpatient hospital short-term acute care for adults (ages 18 and up) *intensive outpatient day (psychiatry) and evening (chemical dependency) treatment *partial hospitalization for psychiatry (adults and adolescents) *adolescent mental health and substance use treatment services (ages 12 to 17) *supportive substance use disorder services *medical detoxification

Services: Detoxification, Inpatient Mental Health Facilities, In Person Crisis Intervention, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Special Psychiatric Programs, Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services

2777 Speissegger Drive

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 747-5830

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